Comeraghs Wild Festival

15 September and 18 September 2016

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Comeraghs Wild

We are delighted at the return of a festival which will highlight all that’s wonderful about the Comeraghs. Titled "Comeraghs Wild", the festival highlights the natural beauty, diversity and uniqueness of the area using Walks and Talks, traditional music, poetry and film, with a strong emphasis on nature and adventure.

Further Enquiries: 058 54975/086 7777515


What's on

The Comeraghs Wild Festival has a great programme of events to suit all tastes, including family walks, music and storytelling. There’s even a treasure hunt! Take a look at the links below and go wild in the Comeraghs in 2015!


And there's more

Don’t stop now! Comeraghs Wild has even more great events for you to check out – and don’t forget to download your programme for full details!