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‌‌Comeraghs Wild Festival, 2016 (15th – 18th September)

Coumshingaun Stream

The 2016 Festival has a set of events which caters for all tastes and ages. From those who prefer the sedate and gentle to those who prefer to muck it, Festival 2016 has it all. So what are the ingredients? Music song and dance certainly, because these are traditions for which the Comeraghs are renowned far beyond these shores. Story-telling and theatre because these mountain communities have a wonderful warm respect for the story-telling craft and theatre because the “Play on the Mountain” has become a core component of this festival.

And activities such as walks and kayaking because these mountains and coasts can only be fully known when you experience the natural environment at first hand. And artistic endeavours with a difference – a brass band making art on sandy beach. Try and find more different than that. And two fantastic young  local musicians combining different genres of music to close the festival on the highest notes in Copper Coast Heritage Centre.

And before that, a celebration of country music and the end of harvest in the “Barn Dance of Barn Dances” in Crotty’s Inn, Lemybrien on the Saturday night. Because the Comeraghs have always had a great love for country music, because of the greater embracing by young people of country music and dance and because of the Comeragh communities knowing how to celebrate.

And in the meantime, there is a wagon load of stuff that you can do independently. Like take one of the Comeragh walks, or visit the Nire Valley or enjoy the Copper Coast by car or stay overnight in any of the Comeragh communities or just sit on a rock in the sunshine and listen to a babbling Comeragh stream. Life doesn’t come much better.

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